Diego Clarysse Ontwerpt Fietshelm met ingebouwde verlichting

Diego Clarysse Designs Bicycle helmet with built-in lighting

“Good lighting makes the difference”

Diego Clarysse (26) from Jabbeke brought a self-designed bicycle helmet to the Belgian market. What is special about the product is that the helmet provides light at the front and sides. The lighting is rechargeable via USB port. “Sales are now going very smoothly,” Diego tells HLN .

Diego is no longer a stranger in the sports world. He is a top athlete and online entrepreneur. Until three years ago he was an avid cyclist at club level. “I stopped because I didn't want to build a career as a cyclist. But I still ride my bicycle very often and I know from experience that sufficient lighting is important. I personally tested one of the few helmets with built-in lighting, but neither the price nor the strength of the lamps satisfied me. That must be possible better, I thought.”

Marketing research

In December (2018) last year, Diego developed his own idea for a bicycle helmet.

“The helmet is a completely unique design. She had to be ultra strong and light at the same time. The additional weight of the lighting also had to be kept within limits. The lighting had to be strong and the batteries had to last a long time,” he sums up. “I got to work myself and quickly had a design ready. The bicycle helmet weighs only 320 grams, the front lights last 24 hours and the red side lights even 350 hours. They are rechargeable via micro USB, but can also be charged using the same principle as almost any smartphone. When the design was ready, I had 50 helmets made. I used this to conduct market research. That was quite exciting. Would the helmet work? I have an extensive network in the sports world. I gradually noticed that there was real interest in my product. I went for it just before the summer. I also designed my own website, have a professional account on bol.com and now always have 500 helmets in stock. I take care of all orders and shipments myself, from my home. Initially things were a bit slow, but now I can say that sales are going really well. Last weekend I mailed 10 more helmets, and there is more interest from cycling clubs. I am a satisfied man.”

Pro Sports Lights

Diego named his design Pro Sport Lights. “I am offering the helmet in different colors until the end of October for a launch price of 119.99 euros. After that it costs 150 euros. I also want to make my product better known abroad,” Diego remains ambitious. More info at www.prosportlights.com .

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