Het belang van een fietshelm

The importance of a bicycle helmet

Safety first . After all, a fall with your bicycle can happen quickly and can easily have unpleasant consequences. A good bicycle helmet is therefore necessary for every safe bicycle ride.

A bicycle helmet reduces the risk of injury by 75%. A helmet is even more important for children because they are more vulnerable, both on their own bicycle and in a bicycle seat. Head protection with a helmet is therefore a must.

bicycle helmets

Why should you wear a helmet?

A bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head and brain injury
Many riders indicate that they often do not wear a helmet during a training ride or when cycling alone. Accident figures show that no less than 92% of brain damage caused by a bicycle fall occurred during training and only 8 percent during competitions. Research shows that a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head and brain injury by 63 to 88%. This applies both to a collision with a motor vehicle and to other causes. For example, due to holes in the road, a crossing dog and opening car doors. Situations that everyone encounters sometimes. Reason enough to wear the helmet not only during competitions but also during recreational cycling and training!

Pro Sport Lights is the first bicycle helmet brand to integrate lighting into the helmet.

Safety comes first! With this beautiful helmet you will be safe on your bike. It protects your head in the event of an accident, but also ensures that you are always clearly visible. The helmet has built-in lighting on the front, back and side. The batteries last up to four hours and are easy to charge with the included USB cable.

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