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Bicycle Rear Light - 5 LED with Laser Bicycle Lights

Bicycle Rear Light - 5 LED with Laser Bicycle Lights

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This rear light has five LEDs and two laser beams that shine on the ground. Because a laser beam shines towards the ground on the left and right sides, you are extra visible to traffic behind you, which makes driving in the evening and night a lot safer.

Moreover, you can use it when you go for walking, jogging, horse riding. You can choose to have both the LEDs or the laser burn or flash independently of each other.

If you have to have lighting on your bike, why not have some extra funky lighting?!

the rear light is attached to the center support of the saddle. The rear light is suitable for almost any bicycle and is rainproof. You are clearly visible to the people cycling behind you thanks to the five red LED lights.


  • Excluding two × AAA batteries
  • Splashproof
  • Two lasers
  • Confirmation support
  • Can also be used when walking, jogging, horse riding, etc
  • Suitable for almost any bicycle
  • Rainproof
  • Five red LEDs

Order today and soon be extra noticeable in traffic!

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