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Pro Sport Lights // voor 16:00 besteld, morgen in huis

Women's Cycling Helmet Pro Sport Lights - Pink

Women's Cycling Helmet Pro Sport Lights - Pink

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✅ Pro Sport Lights bicycle helmet for Women.

Our Ladies team at Pro Sport Lights designed this bicycle helmet ourselves, the matte Pink color is a real eye-catcher while cycling!

With a weight of 190 grams you hardly feel that you are wearing it.

This Pro Sport Lights Cycling Helmet offers comfort, safety and style at an attractive and affordable price !

This bicycle helmet has 2 sizes: Medium 52 to 58cm & Large 58 to 62cm

Construction: In-Mold
18 vents
Weight: 190g
Certification: CE - CPSC - AS
Size: M & L
Colour: Matt Pink

Why wear a bicycle helmet?

A women's bicycle helmet protects you in the event of collisions, but also in the event of falls. In the Netherlands, almost 4,000 cyclists end up in hospital every year due to the consequences of a fall. Head injuries are the most dangerous. And it is precisely this type of injury that can be prevented by wearing a helmet. Wearing a women's bicycle helmet is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Quality marks In Europe, helmets are classified as personal protective equipment. Therefore, European quality standards must be met during their manufacture. The European standard for bicycle helmets is EN 1078.

What size bicycle helmet do I need?

You can determine the size of your bicycle helmet by measuring your head circumference. For all helmets we have indicated in the size for which head circumference (in cm) it is suitable. This way you can easily find the right size for you!

✅ Order today and from tomorrow you will be Fashionable & Protected in traffic!

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