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Icetoolz bicycle suspension system P621

Icetoolz bicycle suspension system P621

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Bicycle lift suspension system to store your bicycle or to tinker with it

✅✅✅ With the Ice Toolz suspension system you can hang your bicycle at the correct height using a hoisting installation (rope), for example for storage or for tinkering.

Store your bicycle safely under the ceiling with the IceToolz bicycle hoist for more space on the ground. Pulling up the bike is very easy thanks to an easy-to-grasp rope and guide rollers. Ideal as a bicycle lift to the winter home or as a storage solution for your bicycle. The roller system of the rack ensures good balance. This ensures easy operation and allows you to use the bicycle lift for care and maintenance work, as you can fix the hooks at any height by attaching the pull sheath to the wall hook. Without ground contact you can even easily work on the drivetrain components.

✅ Bicycle lift for ceiling mounting
✅ For all types of bicycles
✅ Adjustable distance between the pulleys (depending on rope length)
✅ Effortless pulling system with pulleys
✅ Smooth rope guidance
✅ Ceiling height: max. 3 m
✅,Double hooks with protective coating
✅ Max. load 25 kg
✅ Material: coated steel, plastic
✅ Weight: 1.2kg
✅ Including mounting material

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