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Chain Lock 5.5 x 1200 mm Bicycle Lock with Keys

Chain Lock 5.5 x 1200 mm Bicycle Lock with Keys

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The Stahlex chain lock guarantees top quality security for your bicycle or motorcycle.

This robust chain is constructed from high-quality steel , designed to provide maximum resistance to cutting, sawing or breaking. The chain is covered with a sturdy canvas protective cover for protection against weather influences such as rain and snow, but also protects your bicycle or motorcycle against scratches and other damage.

The lock falls under security category B , making it an excellent choice for areas with a high risk of theft, where extra security measures are a must.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 1200 mm
Chain made of high-quality steel
With sturdy canvas protective cover
Includes 2 security keys
Safety category of bicycle lock: B

Whether you park your bike on the street or leave your motorcycle outside, the Stahlex chain lock provides the security you need to leave your property behind with peace of mind.

Order today and soon enjoy good protection for your two-wheeler!

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