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Pro Sport Lights

Children's bicycle helmet proX - Light pink

Children's bicycle helmet proX - Light pink

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✅✅✅ Drive safely!

We developed this helmet to protect the heads of children (3 to 17 years) when they cycle to school, with friends, family...

✅ This bicycle helmet is extra safe to stand out in traffic thanks to the red built-in bicycle light at the back of the helmet!

✅ This bicycle helmet covers the head even better and is easily adjustable with the adjustment wheel.

✅ Gender: Boys & Girls
✅ Color: Light pink
Size S (45-51cm) or Medium (47-53cm)
✅ Number of ventilation holes: 12
✅ Technology: In-Mold / Out-Mold
✅ Helmet equipped with rear lighting
✅✅✅✅✅✅ 6 LEDs, 3 light modes
✅ Weight: 205 g small or 239 medium

✅ Designed in collaboration with Pro Sport Lights


Outer shell in ABS


Complies with the EN 1078 standard for bicycle and skate helmets. The EN 1078 standard is a European standard that specifies the test methods and related requirements applicable to all helmets used for cycling, skateboarding and roller skating.
The standard covers the following aspects: construction including field of view, shock absorbing features, properties of the attachment system including chin strap and clamp system, labeling and information.

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