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Morgan Blue Dry Wax

Morgan Blue Dry Wax

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Morgan Blue Dry Wax 125cc

Dry Wax is a professional wax-based bicycle lubricant with additives to keep the lubricating film smooth and thin.

In the World Tour Circuit, more than 60% of cyclists ride with Morgan Blue Dry Wax on their bicycle chains. How come? This wax spreads well, does not clump and lasts longer than other wax on the market, especially a plus during rain and mountain biking.

After application, the liquid penetrates into the interior of the chain. The wax leaves a lubricating film that is dirt-repellent. Dry Wax should be applied to a dry chain, after cleaning with chain cleaner. The product can be used for both mountain bike and racing applications.

With the Dry Wax you extend the life of your bicycle chain and prevent wear.

Only apply to a dry, clean bicycle chain. You can do this in advance with a chain cleaner.

Benefits & Features:

βœ… Parts stay clean longer

βœ… Necklace does not turn black

βœ… Low friction resistance

βœ… Smooth and efficient shifting

βœ… Prevents wear and extends lifespan

βœ… Does not attract dirt. Biodegradable.

Order today and maintain your bike tomorrow like a real professional!

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