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Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube 125cc

Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube 125cc

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Maintaining your bicycle is an important activity to keep your bicycle in top condition. Ideal for Mountain Bike and Cyclocross applications!

Use Extra Dry Lube as a protective agent for the chain. This results in strong water and dirt-resistant protection. This lubricant also protects your chain against rust and wear.

The biggest advantage is that the layer will not disappear after a rain shower, which often happens with other chain lubricants.

Your chain will shift easier and smoother with a longer lifespan

Apply at least 1 hour before use to allow the solvent to evaporate sufficiently. You may repeat this treatment sufficiently to give the chain a nice layer.

Shake before use


✅ Protects against rust formation

✅ Extremely good water and dirt-resistant properties

✅ Penetrates very quickly into the chain

✅ Prevents wear and extends the lifespan of your chain

✅ Moisture dispelling & antifreeze working

✅ Extra Dry Lube applies a protective water and dirt-resistant film to moving parts without grinding.

✅Works together with Morgan Blue chain cleaner beforehand

✅ Fits in dry weather

✅ makes shifting smoother

Order now and protect your chain against mud and dust tomorrow with Extra Dry Lube.

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