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Morgan Blue FM Lubricant 50CC

Morgan Blue FM Lubricant 50CC

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Would you like to improve your performance and keep your bike in top condition? Morgan Blue FM lubricant is ready for you!

Morgan Blue FM (Friction Modifier) ​​cleans the inside of the chain. In addition, this product is lubricating and makes the chain super smooth. Dirt does not stick to the chain, which keeps the chain clean. Use in dry weather.

Ideal for making any chain components run smoothly without grinding. Suitable for all bicycles.

Continues to work longer than wax-based products and extends the life of your bicycle chain.


Lubricate the chain, gearbox and rotating parts. Suitable for use after cleaning the chain and gear unit with chain cleaner. Shake well before use. Apply at least 1 hour before use to allow the solvent to evaporate sufficiently. After applying the oil, remove the excess grease with a cloth.

Order now and soon maintain your bike like a real professional!

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