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Pro Sport Lights

Pro Carbon Bicycle Saddle Racing Bike

Pro Carbon Bicycle Saddle Racing Bike

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Stay on your racing bike longer with our Pro Sport Lights Carbon bicycle saddle. Extremely reliable and lightweight, this professional saddle is ideal for your next long-distance ride or race.

Experience the benefits of a lightweight saddle while sprinting and climbing hills.

This bicycle saddle is equipped with oval carbon rails and a carbon bottom , making it not only super light, but also incredibly strong and stiff. This combination of materials provides excellent stability and strength, allowing you to achieve unparalleled speeds and performance while cycling.

Is this a prostate friendly bicycle saddle?



This carbon bicycle saddle from Pro Sport Lights is a special bicycle saddle. This saddle always relieves the perineum. This is due to the groove in the saddle that extends to the front.

This ergonomic bicycle saddle ensures that there is no compression of veins, blood vessels and nerves in the genital area.

This bicycle saddle is perfectly proportioned to provide comfort and support on long rides. The ergonomic shape and cutout are specially designed to ventilate and minimize pressure points on sensitive areas, leading to less friction and irritation .

The combination of light weight and robust construction ensures this saddle can withstand heavy impacts , making it an excellent choice for cyclists looking for a durable and resilient option.

Animal-friendly artificial leather upholstery
Oval carbon rails
Carbon saddle construction
Length: 270mm
Width: 143mm
Weight: 144 grams

Order our carbon bicycle saddle today and prepare for the ride of your life - just like a professional F1 driver on the track!

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