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Pro Sport Lights Bicycle Bags Double Electric Bicycles/City Bike - 58 Liters - Waterproof

Pro Sport Lights Bicycle Bags Double Electric Bicycles/City Bike - 58 Liters - Waterproof

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Would you like to experience fantastic cycling adventures? Meet our newest double panniers WITH removable backpack!

Whether you're climbing mountains, wandering through cities or exploring the wilderness, these panniers won't disappoint.

With a large capacity of 58 liters you can take all your belongings with you to school, work or on holiday. The upper part is a removable backpack with carrying straps and with the capacity of 30 liters . In total there are two compartments and a cord elastic. In this backpack you can perfectly carry your laptop (up to 17 inches) in the first compartment.

βœ… 100% waterproof design protects your belongings from unexpected downpours. The reinforcements in the interior of the bicycle bags guarantee that your belongings will remain dry against splashes.

βœ… Two 3M reflective strips on the back of the bags ensure that you are clearly visible even in low light, increasing your safety during night rides.

βœ… With 3 compartments in each bag and 2 compartments in the top section, you can keep all your essentials neat and organized. Mesh nets in the bags provide additional storage options for small items.

πŸ” Why should I choose these double panniers over all the others on the market? πŸ”

With these bicycle bags you have freedom of choice. Do you only want to use the backpack? Easy, detach it from these bicycle bags. Or would you rather use the entire content during your trip? It just works. Everything is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about taking off the backpack and leaving the rest of your pannier on your bike. It has everything a normal bicycle bag has, but gives you the freedom to choose.

🌞 Pros:

- Backpack: Removable upper part becomes a handy backpack with a capacity of 30 liters.
- Weatherproof: Completely waterproof design to keep your gear dry.
- Total Capacity: 58 liters
- Material: Made of sturdy waterproof nylon and reinforced with steel for long-lasting use.
- Multiple compartments and mesh nets to stay organized.
- Reflective strips increase your visibility in the dark.

🌧️ Negatives:

- Limited Color Options: Only available in black with red accents, which may not appeal to everyone.

Weight: 500g
Dimensions: 45x30x55 cm

Order today and soon take with you a great bicycle bag to enhance your adventures!

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