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Pro Sport Lights Bicycle Saddle Royal Series Gel 270x170mm

Pro Sport Lights Bicycle Saddle Royal Series Gel 270x170mm

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Do you want to experience the most comfortable bike rides of your life? Saddle pain is a thing of the past thanks to the latest bicycle saddle from our Royal series.

This saddle is made of a high-quality soft gel that does not require you to 'cycle in' this saddle compared to other saddles on the market. This, in combination with the soft artificial leather upholstery, will ensure that you are immediately comfortable. Our saddle material is also provided with an anti-slip saddle cover .

The ventilation channel distributes the pressure more evenly over the seat of the saddle and ensures that saddle pain is a thing of the past (in men it also reduces pressure on the prostate), and ensures good air circulation

But which bicycle is this saddle suitable for?

Whether you are a cyclist, mountain biker, fixie enthusiast or just use a bicycle for commuting, this saddle is suitable for most bicycles.


  • Suitable for most bicycles
  • 40% more comfort than other gel bicycle saddles due to our high-quality gel
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Anti-slip saddle cover
  • Ventilation channel -- relieves saddle pain and provides ventilation
  • Painted steel saddle rails
  • Dimensions L27cm W17cm H8cm
  • Weight: 428g


  • Glue residue may be found on the underside of the saddle, but this does not affect the quality.
  • May feel less suitable for heavier people
  • Not the lightest saddle (428g)

Choose comfort and durability with the latest bicycle saddle from Pro Sport Lights. Order it today and saddle pain will become a thing of the past.

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