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ProX Bicycle Lights Front Light 100 Lumen Mountain Bike/Road Bike

ProX Bicycle Lights Front Light 100 Lumen Mountain Bike/Road Bike

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Introducing the ProX front bicycle lights: light up your ride with brilliance

Experience the ride of your life with our revolutionary ProX front light. Say goodbye to poorly lit paths and hello to visibility and being seen! This compact powerhouse is perfectly designed and will redefine your cycling adventures.

100 lumen appearance: The ProX bicycle lamp is equipped with an extraordinary COB LED that emits a bright 100 lumens and transforms the darkest roads into your personal runway.

With a robust 500mAh battery capacity, this lamp is your steadfast companion on long journeys.

Fast charging: Your front lamp will be fully charged in just 2 short hours.

Customizable lighting: Choose from three constant modes (100% for 1.4 hours, 50% for 2.45 hours, 25% for 6.2 hours), two pulsating modes (50% for 5.10 hours, 100% for 3 hours) and a dynamic strobe mode that lasts 2.5 hours. Your light, your rules.

- super bright COB LED, battery capacity 500mAh
- Charging time approx. 2 hours, via USB 2.0 mini connection
- lighting modes and duration: 3 x constant (100% 1.4h - 50% 2.45h - 25% 6.2h),
2 x pulse (50% 5.10h, 100% 3h), strobe 2.5h
- dimensions / weight: 80x30x30 mm. 31g.
- USB charging cable included, rubber quick mounting bracket for handlebars

Everything included: USB charging cable included.

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