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Stahlex Bicycle Lock ART2 - 8.3 x 900 mm

Stahlex Bicycle Lock ART2 - 8.3 x 900 mm

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Are you looking for a chain lock for your bicycle, fence, gate, etc? Then this lock is suitable for you!

The cover will prevent you from getting scratches wherever you use the lock.


  • Suitable for bicycles
  • Dimensions: 8.3 × 900 mm.
  • Safety category: a+
  • Colour black
  • Art** quality mark

Which lock should I use for my two-wheeler?

  • 1 star is minimum security (“take-along security”)
  • 2 stars for cycling
  • 3 stars for mopeds and scooters
  • 4 stars for motorcycles (on the road)

ART quality mark:

Only locks for two-wheelers that meet the stated requirements can receive the quality mark. A 4-digit authorization number will then be issued. The locks are divided into different categories such as chain locks and ring locks. In addition, a star system is used. The more stars a lock has, the higher the preventive value of the lock and the better it protects against theft. A lock with five stars has the most preventive value.

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