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Stahlex Bicycle Lock U-lock 448 ART4 180 x 245 mm Black

Stahlex Bicycle Lock U-lock 448 ART4 180 x 245 mm Black

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Ensure top security with the Stahlex U-lock 448, an ART**** approved lock! This powerful lock is the ideal choice for your bicycle, scooter, moped or motorcycle and offers superior protection against theft.

Equipped with a handy cover slide , it protects your lock against dirt and dust, making it last longer and remain reliable.

What does ART**** or ART4 mean?

ART**** or ART4 is a security level within the ART Quality Mark, which indicates that a lock has a high preventive value against theft and is mainly suitable for motorcycles. It is an indication of a sturdy and reliable lock.

  • Theft protection: ART****
  • Dimensions: 180 x 245 mm
  • Material: heavy-duty hardened steel with an impact-resistant plastic housing
  • Supplied with extra security keys
  • Colour black

Maintenance tip: keep the keyhole clean and rust-free with compressed air and lock spray.

Order today and soon rest assured that your bicycle is safe with one of the best bicycle locks on the market!
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