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Stahlex Bicycle Lock Chain Lock with Number Code 6 x 1200 mm

Stahlex Bicycle Lock Chain Lock with Number Code 6 x 1200 mm

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Are you looking for a strong bicycle lock to ensure that your bicycle is not stolen? Look no further, because this is the chain lock with number code you need!

This chain combination lock is ideal for locking your two-wheeler safely and easily. With the help of the high steel chain it becomes difficult for thieves to get through the chain, which of course makes your bicycle a lot safer.

There is also a sturdy canvas protective cover around the chain, bicycle-friendly! This chain combination lock is of good quality and can also be used as a gate chain lock or trailer lock. The lock has security category B.


    • Super Safe cylinder
    • Steel chain
    • With sturdy canvas protective cover with reflection stripe
    • No more lost or forgotten keys
    • Weatherproof
    • Recoverable code
    • Length: 120cm
    • Thickness links: 6 mm
    • Weight: 800g
    • Safety category B

Setting and changing the code:

  1. Set the code (0000) and open the lock.
  2. You will see a ring on the inside of the cylinder.
  3. Turn this ring clockwise until it clicks into place.
  4. Set your secret code and keep it safe.
  5. Turn the ring to the left, back to its original position.
  6. Your code has been set.

Order today and leave your bike behind with peace of mind soon!

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