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Stahlex Bicycle Lock Chain Lock - Black 10 x 900 mm

Stahlex Bicycle Lock Chain Lock - Black 10 x 900 mm

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Discover the ultimate Stahlex Chain Lock, your reliable partner for securing your vehicle.

Whether it concerns your motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or trailer, this lock ensures that they remain safe wherever you are. With its solid, hardened steel chain and robust canvas protective cover, this lock offers maximum security against theft.


  • Color : Black, for a stylish look.
  • Length : 90 cm for versatile use.
  • Thickness : 10 mm, robust and reliable.
  • Material : Solid hardened steel for extreme durability.
  • SuperSafe Cylinder : For extra security.
  • Combination lock : For convenient keyless access.
  • Reflective Cover : Increased visibility in the dark.
  • Sturdy Canvas Protective Cover : Protects against scratches and wear.
  • Versatile Applications : Suitable for various vehicles.

Perfect Combination of Safety and Convenience
With the Stahlex Chain Lock you are assured of top security. The reflective cover ensures that the lock is visible even in the dark, while the strong plastic casings protect your vehicle from damage. With its ease of use and strong build, this lock is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle safe.

Order today and don't worry about theft anymore!

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