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Wittkop Medicus 3.0 - Bicycle Saddle - Medicinal Saddle

Wittkop Medicus 3.0 - Bicycle Saddle - Medicinal Saddle

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This saddle has been specially developed and has the best support.

Dimensions: Width: 25cm; Length: 20cm

The innovation result is a new dimension of bicycle saddles. With the Form & Function concept, the requirements of movement in different sitting positions are guaranteed.

Comfortable and functional sitting while cycling. Developed with Werlich, who has been a renowned specialist in sports orthopedics, joint surgery and pediatric orthopedics for more than 20 years, and heads a specialist orthopedic practice in Fulda. This Wittkop saddle is handmade in Italy, quality from the start. The outcome of this innovative development is a new type of saddle. Through the Form & Function Concept, all requirements for the various movements are guaranteed in the different sitting positions.

Rear seating zone: fixed cushioning with dynamic weight adjustment. Advantage: closer contact with bicycle

Middle dynamic zone: springy triangular shape with dynamic anatomical adjustment. Advantage: less pressure and optimal leg freedom

Front balance zone: soft, contoured coupled spout. Advantage: closer contact with bicycle, stabilization of the bicycle position
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